This is the commercial version of the free DOS TCP/IP stack (Peter Tattam's NTCPDRV) found at public FTP sites. It is a DOS TSR program which uses packet drivers to provide TCP/IP services.

Two API versions are available. We have a version which complies with the original DOS TCP ABI specification 2.x.  Also available is a BSD sockets style API which is more familiar to most developers of TCP/IP applications.

  • Works with a wide range of packet drivers (available at
  • Smaller memory footprint than the standard Microsoft® drivers.
  • Pascal and C interface libraries available with full source
  • Simple utilities available publicly (ping, hopcheck, telnet, ftp)
  • Full documentation of API includes previously undocumented features
  • Basic Support is provided to get the basic stack running using supplied apps.
  • Premium Support for specific needs and customizations.
  • NEW!!!  We now have basic IPv6 support.


DescriptionProduct ID#Price
10 unit licenseTCPDRV-10US$200
20 unit licenseTCPDRV-20US$350
50 unit licenseTCPDRV-50US$650
Site licenseTCPDRV-SITEcontact us
Distribution licenseTCPDRV-DISTcontact us
Basic Supportfreefree
Premium SupportTCPDRV-SUPPUS$99.95 per hour