Software Development

Peter has considerable experience writing in many computer languages, although his language of choice is Object Pascal, in particular Delphi.  He is available for medium to large projects, with a particular emphasis on internet related products and cross-platform Object Pascal development using Free Pascal.  He is also skilled at compiler writing, assembly language programming and Windows Device Driver development.

Software Customization

All of our products can be individually customized to your specific needs. Jobs are normally quoted on an hourly contractual basis.

Network Consulting

Tattam Software has a wide range of experience in TCP/IP networks with Peter having operated an ISP (formerly TrumpNet Pty Ltd) for approximately 10 years, and was one of the first to bring the Internet to the general public in Hobart. Also as a result of his skills in writing a wide range of Internet software, he has developed an intimate knowledge of Internet protocols and has a wealth of experience in configuring and managing small to medium sized networks.