Network Consulting

Tattam Software has a wide range of experience in TCP/IP networks with Peter having operated an ISP (formerly TrumpNet Pty Ltd) for approximately 10 years, and was one of the first to bring the Internet to the general public in Hobart. Also as a result of his skills in writing a wide range of Internet software, he has developed an intimate knowledge of Internet protocols and has a wealth of experience in configuring and managing small to medium sized networks.  

Peter also has advanced skills in IPv6 deployment, and has considerable experience through being an IPv6 pioneer in its early stages.  In the past, he operated the 6BONE for the whole Australian region and maintained interconnects with at several other countries and international companies involved in early IPv6 development.  He also pioneered IPv6 by implementing as a standard feature of Trumpet Winsock 5.0, was active on IETF working groups to explore protocols for multihoming, dynamic IPv6 tunneling and pioneered work on method for transparent Bump-In-The-Stack IPv6 to Ipv4 translation within the Trumpet Winsock stack.